#sp109 Spring Bunny Couple

Spring Bunny Couple

These bunny's are made from osnaburg fabric that I have painted & aged. The girl bunny is brown with a 100% wool pocket and hand stitched embroidery accent. Inside her pocket there are 4 crochet flowers that I have made out of spun wool thread. The flowers are on twisted wire with a pearl center. She has a hand dyed crinkle bow at her ear. They boy bunny is made of the same fabric that I painted black and aged. He has a wood painted carrot wrapped in wire around him. They each have black bead eyes with wood noses, linen thread whiskers and blushed cheeks and ears. They both have a fluffy ball tail with bendable ears & I have added weight to their bottoms as they sit up nicely. They measure 6.5 tall counting ears not bent, 3.5 wide and 3 thick (from front to back). These bunnies' are just adorable & can be displayed anywhere in your home with your Spring or Easter home décor. They are just the right size to place on a window ledge or shelf. They are a perfect gift for anyone who needs cheering up from the winter blues or perfect for yourself for you to admire while you are doing your dishes & household chores.