#f168 Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving Turkey

How cute is he! This turkey Thanksgiving pilgrim is 9 inches tall & his wing span is 12 inches wide and he is 2 inches thick. He is made from 8 different homespun fabrics. He has a has a black muslin hat that is hand painted & then aged to perfection. Around his hat he has a wool mustard colored buckle with a homespun fabric belt. He has a homespun mustard seed plaid homespun body that has a boxed in bottom with weight to it so he will sit up perfectly on your Thanksgiving table. He has 3 different colored buttons at his tummy. He has a wool feathered collar at his neck that goes all the way around with 12 different pretty soft wools. He has black bead eyes with a wool heart nose and wattle. He is absolutely adorable & like no other as he is my pattern, I created way back in 2008 & I just redid him this year with a fun homespun look. You can have him at the Thanksgiving table for a fun fall arrangement with our pumpkins or just a conversation piece. You can have him at a door way to greet your guest this fall. He can be placed in the kitchen on a shelf next to the all-famous coffee pot to give you friends a smile as they fill up their coffee cups. This turkey is a fun gift for anyone in your family but would make a perfect gift for her to help out with the upcoming holiday home decor. You will just love him!